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Reflections on the Therapeutic Process
When an individual enters into therapy, he or she is making a statement – that help is needed in working through blocks, issues, troubles, pain, stress; that their life is in need of a deeper guidance. It requires courage to realize this and to take a step toward healing and resolution. What often happens is an understanding that what we have been trained to believe – “tough it out,” “keep it all inside,” “just get over it” – does, in fact, do more damage than good. Holding everything in causes anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, inappropriate anger, abusive behaviors, physical ailments, increased stress, damaged relationships, and more. Locating the source of the pain and healing/resolving it is the core of good therapy. 

Therapists don't “fix” people or problems. They work with clients to help themselves, for therapists can only guide and help as far as the client is willing/able to go. This work is the deepest form of collaboration and clients can reap profound benefits from the process – finding relief from years of held pain. Often this is not easy work, but having a professional walk with you can make all the difference. And this is why it takes courage for a person to admit that help is needed and to say, “I want a better life.” An analogy is that going into therapy is like stepping into a river, not knowing how deep it will be, but being willing to take the chance and trusting the therapist will help you get to the other side.
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